Corporate Introduction

Gameone Holdings Limited (“Gameone” or “the Group”) is an integrated game developer, operator and publisher focusing in the market of Hong Kong and Taiwan. Since the establishment of our predecessor group in 1999, we have participated in the game industry of Hong Kong for over 10 years. Among our game portfolio - mobile games, online PC games and web games, we shifted our strategic focus from online PC games and web games to mobile games. During the Track Record Period*, we offered 18 mobile games, 36 online PC games and nine web games.

We have a proven track record in developing and operating games on multi-platforms with over 10 years of experience; have good relationship with well-known game developers/operators; possess strategically important game development rights; and have solid management experience and expertise in the game industry.

We strategically focus on games based on popular literatures, comics and animations and have successfully secured rights to adopt seven popular literatures, comics and animations, including, Sea Tiger* (海虎), The Ice Fantasy* (幻城), The Storm Riders*(風雲)and The Ravages of Time*(火鳳燎原)into games. We believe that we can leverage on the critical mass of the captive readership, to maximize market recognition and receptiveness at a reduced marketing costs, attracting readers of these popular literatures, comics and animations, to try and play these games.

* Track Record Period: 1 January 2013 to 30 June 2015

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